Our business legacy in Tucson

Tucson Tallow Co., Inc. opened its doors 1938 to serve Tucson and the surrounding communities. At its inception, Tucson Tallow was a fully functioning rendering business. That is to say, our company specialized in the processing of meat scrap (fat and bone from butchers and slaughter houses) and dead livestock into meat and bone meal, a primary ingredient in many products, including pet food. In the process of rendering the fats, we also produced tallow, which is also used in many products, from food to cosmetics.

For some great information on rendering, see National Renderers Association

In December 1999, we discontinued our rendering services, due to many factors. At that time, we became a transfer station – we still pick up the used grease from restaurants and other big kitchens, and we also remove meat scrap and expired meat from butcher shops and grocery stores, but we now transfer it to a larger facility outside of Tucson.

During that transition from a fully functioning rendering plant to a transfer station, we began educating ourselves about grease interceptors. We discovered that servicing our existing customers in their grease interceptor needs meshed well with what we already were doing!

Now, we provide grease interceptor pumping, cleaning and repair in addition to our other services previously mentioned.

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Tucson Tallow opened its doors


Operated as a fully functioning rendering plant


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