From Livestock Removal to Grease Trap Services, We Can Help!

Tucson Tallow Co., Inc. and others like us, provide recycling services at their most basic level. Our industry works hard to recycle much of the material into usable products. You’d probably be amazed at where some of this “stuff” ends up when all is said and done…

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Septic Pumping Service

Tucson Tallow is pleased to now offer septic tank pumping services for both commercial and residential properties. Give us a…

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Used oil removal

Many restaurants and other commercial kitchens have fryers. They change the oil in those fryers regularly to keep the food…

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Livestock removal

Tucson Tallow provides dead livestock removal – horses, cows, llamas, and pigs. With the number of stables, ranches, and people…

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Grease Traps

Grease traps are a vital aspect of supermarkets, restaurants, and other commercial kitchens! A grease trap, also known as a…

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Pressure washing

We provide pressure washing services to many of our customers. Pressure washing cleans the gum, dirt, and grease off of…

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Hydrojetting is a terrific way to keep your drainage lines clean out to the municipal sewer lines. With hydrojetting, we…

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Tucson’s Original recyclers

Recycled livestock makes new useful products

While some people choose to have their beloved horse or cow buried at the landfill, or on private land, very often these animals go on to feed other animals – mainly cats and dogs. Tallow is removed through the cooking process and is used in industrial products and animal feed ingredients.

Recycled grease makes new useful products

When grease traps are emptied, the grease is removed from the water, and then the water is drained and disposed of appropriately in the municipal sewer system. The grease is recycled into other usable products, like animal feed for cows. The solids must be disposed of in a landfill.

Recycled oil makes new useful products

The used cooking oil has many uses in the recycling world. If treated correctly, this oil can become bio-diesel. The oil is also used in animal feed.